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Are you fed up of meeting the same girls through your social circle?

Is it annoying that you see hot girls but you don’t know what to do or say for them to be attracted to you?

Do you get frustrated that the hot girls always go for the ‘wrong’ guy?

You’re not alone.

95% of the guys out there are completely clueless when it comes to meeting and attracting women. They spend more time focusing on looks & wealth instead of focusing on the issues that can bring them success.

If you know how it feels we’re right there with you. We’ve gone through the same problems and spent years developing our system to help guys like you transform their dating lives from zero to hero.

We’ve had clients that ranged from guys who were petrified to speak to women, to average guys, to even ones who were already successful ‘players’ who just wanted to get better. Everyone who has come and taken a bootcamp with us has seen a colossal improvement in their game.

In fact, the skills and methods that you learn are basically years of coaching in the making compressed into a single weekend.

Imagine what it would be like to leave your house knowing that any girl you see, whether it’s on your way to work, at the grocery store or even at a bar, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it.

What’s more is that you will have no fear as you walk right up to her full of confidence as you practise the skills taught to you over your weekend bootcamp.

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.

- Les Brown

Date The Women You Thought Were Out Of Your League

It’s one thing to settle and be unhappy with Katie from work. It’s one thing to date Sara because she just happened to be there.


It’s another thing entirely to go out actively and approach the women you never had the courage to talk to, speak to them, get them hooked to the conversation and have the tables turn where they chase you!

The craziest part is that we don’t change much about your looks, we don’t change your online dating photos and we certainly don’t change your bank account.

We work on two things and two things alone.

Your skill set and your confidence to carry out these skills.

Sign-up for a intake TODAY we’ll show you exactly how to become the man you’ve always wanted to be. Don't wait for change to happen, it's in your hands.


It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.

- Eckhart Tolle

I Want You To Know That This is Different...

What Guarantees Your Professional Coaching

My name is Sami, and since the year 2008 I’ve helped thousands of guys learn how to attain success with the girls of their dreams.

How did I do this?

Well, I started out just where you are sitting right now.

Behind a screen, searching for answers on the internet.

I wasn’t satisfied with average girls, and I wasn’t content with seeing hot girls all around me and not knowing what to do to sleep with them.

After a little google search, I found a company that taught pua bootcamps and signed up for one. They ended up liking me so much that they offered me a job as an assistant instructor! I was over the moon with joy!

I ended up travelling the world and teaching men in countless cities the skills I had learned and the ones I continued to adapt.


Overtime however, I realised I was restricted. I was only allowed to coach using the methods the company approved of. I wasn’t able to be free to coach my own style, even if that meant more success for the students.

The Main Difference Between Ministry of Attraction & The Others

Once I started Ministry of Attraction I wanted to make sure that no 2 people would ever receive the same bootcamp.

Why should they?

You are very different from the other person who is reading this right now.

  •      You learn differently
  •      You are at a different level
  •      You have different experiences
  •      You have your own set of beliefs

Having seen the other bootcamps out there, I noticed the popular mistake that most instructors make:

The “One size fits all type bootcamp”

One bootcamp for all their students. The same bootcamp, with the same instructions and the same exercises for every single different type of student no matter what level they may be.

That’s not the way it works unfortunately.

You Are Unique and You Deserve To Be Coached Accordingly

Get Your Very Own Custom Bootcamp

For me each student is completely different from the next one.

That’s why we have the application process.

Because once we speak to you over the phone we can analyse not only whether or not you are a good fit for the program, but what needs to be done to design your very own custom bootcamp.

In fact, we send you out a questionnaire to fill in so that we can better understand the process in which you learn.

You may have approach anxiety, while another student may have non at all but he’s curious about perfecting his skill of how to pull a girl home.

You would both have entirely different goals, hence entirely different tasks to undertake during your training.


Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.

- Jim Rohn

"Are you getting the hottest girls, daily… or just talking about it?"

Los Angeles Bootcamp

New York City Bootcamp

Frankly, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s just too easy to lose the chances of pulling her.

And I don’t want that to happen to you!

I want you to CRUSH IT...even if it’s your very first night out!

And fortunately, at Ministry of Attraction, we’ve already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, we made our fair share of mistakes along the way…

…and we do this stuff for a living!!

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow execution plans so everyone who took the Bootcamp can duplicate these results into their own lives.

From Good to Legendary - In 2 Days... 

What Skills You Can Expect To Achieve
Throughout Your Training

Depending on your current level, here are a few things you can expect to achieve while on a bootcamp:

  • How to completely overcome your approach anxiety.
  • How to open any girl in any situation (no matter what).
  • How to keep a conversation going and not run out of things to say.
  • How to build attraction with a girl you’ve only just met.
  • The right way to be physical with a girl.
  • The correct steps to take a girl from being a stranger to being comfortable enough to go home with you.

…and soooo much more.


Why Do You Have To Apply?

We simply don’t want to work with everyone.

That’s it.

We want to transform the lives of the hard workers, the dedicated, the motivated, the frustrated and willing to evolve.

We want to work with the 1%.

When you apply you can expect to get an interview call from us. We will contact you and ask a few questions during our call together. Once we get a good sense of direction from that call we will decide whether or not you have been accepted for the program and you will be informed.



What Does Your Weekend Look Like?

There are different variations that you can take in a bootcamp with us:


Day Game Bootcamp

(2 Days of Day Game)

During the day you’re able to meet a certain tier of girl that doesn’t set foot in a night club or bar. You’re able to cross paths with a yoga instructor, or a cute girl on her way to work, or even just a stunning model who’s out grocery shopping.

The bottom line is that opportunities pass you every single day and you take zero action to make use of it.

Rather than approaching that hot girl at starbucks, you make an excuse, get your coffee, and walk on home.

Don’t worry, like I said before, 95% (probably more like 99% in this case) would do the same thing!


Because you (and the 99%) have no idea what they would even say to this girl. Even if you did, what would come out of it? How to move it forward to get her number and potentially even a date?

Over the Day Game Weekend Bootcamp we spend two entire days out in the field together where I not only teach you but I show you how to:

  • Completely destroy your approach anxiety once and for all.
  • Approach single girls.
  • Approach a girl with headphones, sitting down, any situation.
  • Approach a group of girls.
  • Approach a girl and a guy (easier than you might think).
  • Approach a girl while she’s at work.
  • And even how to approach a girl who is with her mum!

Expect to get phone numbers on auto-pilot.

I Want You To Get Instant Dates

Numbers are good. We love getting them, we want you to get them to be able to set up dates.

But do you know what we want you to get more than just numbers?

Instant dates.

Instant dates are basically when you meet a girl on the street, or in a mall or anywhere out during the day, and rather than you getting the number to set something up later, you ask her if she’s free right now and then you both go for a date.

This skips all the unnecesary steps of waiting and texting and planning and jumps right to the fun stuff!

Now of course if she isn’t free, you’ll get the number and plan accordingly, but, you’ll know how to move forward if she isn’t doing anything at that time.


Night Game Bootcamp

( 2 Nights of Night Game)

Do you hate night clubs?

Do you hate going to them, but love the girls that are there?

A club is typically every guy’s biggest fear.

The night life scene can not just be scary, it can be petrifying (literally).

Having said that, you and I both know that the hottest women are at these venues, and if you stick by us, you’ll learn not only to get these women into bed, but you’ll also learn to love nightclubs in the process.

Open, Hook, Then Sit Back & Watch Her Chase

You would normally start off at a bar where you are in fact able to communicate. Here we teach you several things:

  • How to open a girl at a bar.
  • How to hook her into your conversation.
  • How to get her chasing you.
  • How to be physical with her from beginning to end.

The bar isn’t as scary as say for example the centre of the dance floor of a high end packed nightclub, however it can be pretty intense nonetheless.

We want you to become so comfortable in this setting, that you are able to walk in with a smile on your face, while the entire room can feel you radiating that energy as you walk up to any girl of your liking.

Open A Girl Without Even Saying A Single Word

Not possible?

How else do you expect to open a hot girl as she’s on the dance floor dancing her ass away on the most fun night of her life?

We not only teach you, we show you exactly how to open girls in environments where conversations are near impossible. Once you’ve opened them, and gotten them hooked a little, we move things forward where you’ll know exactly how to move her to a quieter location for the two of you to get more acquainted.


PREMIUM Bootcamp

( 2 Nights & 2 Days of Game)

The premium isn’t for everyone. The premium is one of the toughest programs we offer, only second to the residential.

All our programs are:

  • Physically Exhausting - A Total Workout
  • Mentally Draining - Crushing Your Comfort Zone
  • Emotionally Overwhelming - Reach New Experiences

Experience the total transformation to the person you always dreamed to be, in just 2 days.

However, the premium weekend bootcamp is for those who are looking to catapult their success with women to the next level.

By agreeing to come out with us for 2 days and 2 nights in field, we want you to realise that the investment on your part has to be great. This is something where your hard work, your sweat and your tears will blast open doors for your that you were unaware existed.

Having said that, this will also be probably the most fun experience you’ll ever undertake.

By working to master your day game and your night game, you will no longer have any excuse.

It will no longer be a matter of “night game isn’t my thing”, but rather a “Hold my drink bro and watch this.”


No More Struggling With How To Escalate Things Further

Your Personal Wingman From Open Till Close.

Think of your instructor as your personal wingman. We are by your side the entire bootcamp.

We will:

  • Give you specific instructions on what to do and how to do it.
  • Give you detailed feedback on the approaches that you do.
  • Demonstrate for you when you don’t feel like doing it yourself.
  • Push you to do even the hardest of sets.
  • Wing you in the sets that we feel you might need help in so that you can focus on your girl.

From the minute you walk in to meet us, till the minute you are getting in the cab with your girl, we are behind you every step of the way.

We cut out everything unnecessary, and have distilled it down into one very efficient weekend.

The theory is trimmed down to a complete minimum, while we spend almost all our time out in the field together.

Let's wrap it up....

Here’s what the typical training package is like:

    • Two days of intensive INFIELD coaching - The instructor team at Ministry of Attraction do everything in their power to help you successfully go from open to close as smoothly as possible. We will be right by your side, or even speaking into your ear telling you the steps that you need to take for the set to be successful. Be it talking to her girlfriends, the 'cockblock', the alpha male of their group, or just showing you the ropes, we are always there for you.
    • Mentor Coaching over Phone / Skype - 4 weeks after your Bootcamp we’ll have a call to catch up, find out where you are and keep you accountable to your own success. We will also set you homework to do so that we are able to make sure you’re on the right path as well as answer any questions that you may have.
    • Text Game Coaching - As soon as you received your numbers or even took her home, we’ll help you use the RIGHT words that keep your dreamwoman craving to see you over and over again. We’ll do this on the spot and in the follow up call after the Bootcamp.

And just to make sure that the results are even more lasting, all students that sign-up for the PREMIUM Bootcamp will receive these unique bonuses for Free:

    • Destroy Approach Anxiety Exercise Program - A Step-By-Step guide carefully constructed towards overcoming approach anxiety. In 6 weeks of adventure we’ll cover advanced exercises you can do by yourself to keep practice at home with your wingman or simply by yourself (you’ll be amazed how much fun this is).
    • Lifetime Access To The Bootcamp Chronicles Video Course - In the last years we collected hundreds of hours of video content from our students and even from our instructors (when they were still in training). We compiled the best of the best clips with the most valuable tips into a package that you can watch from home, from anywhere, at any time. This will cover most of the theory covered in the training.
    • 1 Month Membership of The Mentor Program - This online, over the phone type mentoring is to make sure that you are making the most of your newly attained skill set. We make sure to set goals together, set the tasks that need to be done to achieve those goals, and we are there as your accountability buddy to make sure that you are on the right path to accomplishing your dreams in pick up.

So, If you want to learn how to pick up women who are beautiful, intelligent, and passionate.

If you’re sick of traditional men’s dating advice feeding you all the comforting lies about why you can’t date the women you want

… and if you’re the type of guy who wants to reap the rewards that come from dedicating yourself to your own happiness then:

Sign-up for a intake TODAY we’ll show you exactly how to become the man you’ve always wanted to be. Don't wait for change to happen, it's in your hands.

But don't delay! This program has limited spots available and this might be the last year that it will reach out to your city.

After this year, the price will go up for sure.

And be sure to move fast, because our planning is getting more booked everyday. We only have a capacity of maximum of 2 students per training.

Once those slots are filled, you’ll miss the opportunity to work with a professional dating coach that is now at his best and most active years EVER.

Sami Moa & Janice Griffith

If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.

- Robert Schuller

Hundreds Men Have Gone Through This Exact Transformation Too

"So let's break it down, Had a boot camp about 2 weeks ago, fucking insane. 3 days of what I thought was hell. I just remember sweating every time Sami told me to approach a girl, either because I was nervous or because i had to chase her down and "try" to stop her.

The first day was a little embarrassing partly because the goal was to destroy my current way of thinking but mostly because I'd never actually do or say half of the shit I was asked to do. After that most of it became a running joke. So much so that I started using them in my approaches. I had to approach otherwise I was getting a punch in the arm. That shit hurts after a while. Day two was pretty decent since I got my first number from this smoking hot Asian girl. Man, I'd never imagined myself looking in her direction but Sami pushed me and it turns out she was feeling me as well. A dead give away being that fantastic smile she gave me when I walked buy. Break after break, feet hurting and mental exhaustion I keep getting pushed to talk to girls. I started chasing girls that I wanted and not just the ones sami picked out.

It was maybe that day I realized two things:
1. Hot chicks are just that, Hot. Nothing you should be afraid of or fear. Shit, you'll never see then again anyway if the approach fails and there are plenty more where she came from.
2. More than half the women that you will approach don't know how to handle the unexpected approach and especially a comment. They are just as flustered and nervous as you may be. Realizing that, I don't actually sweat anymore. Why? The ball is in my court when I make the move. Why the hell should I be worried?

Day three was just a little easier I ended up running into two girls I had stopped or chased before and having great conversation. Even had the balls to go back and talk to a Russian girl who tricked me into sitting down and testing some lame skin products on me. I'll admit my confidence was super high after that. Eventually I ended up stopping at a stand and getting another Asian girls number (met up last night) who turned out to be Russian as well.

Final thoughts on it? Fucking best damn thing I could have ever done. It's addictive and demanding. Every time I see a hot chick it's like something is pulling me to get the hell up and talk to her. This past Friday I hit the bar with some co-workers and spotted this amazing Irish girl. Blond hair and stunning blue eyes. I stopped her and told her she we gorgeous. After that, she couldn't keep her eyes off me. We went so far as to exchange numbers even though she had a boyfriend. It gets so crazy between us she spots me before I leave and just had to hug me and not one of those halfway friend hugs either. I'm talking full on, legs up arms tight hug.
I'm giving all the credit for my success to Sami seeing as he was the one to push me to go for what the hell I want. He says to me "James speaks = girls melt. But you have to do the first part!" Words to live by." - J Austin

J Austin

The MOA Daygame boot camp taught by Sami is definitely a life changing experience. After completing his course you will have no hesitations to approach beautiful women anytime and anywhere. My experience was very positive.

I took this boot camp during the month of January and I had some doubts initially. I worried about the weather as well as I wasn’t sure if I will be able to handle the advanced techniques taught on day two. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about. I was approaching women in a below freezing temperature and all of them were stopping and having conversations with me. By the end of first day I had about 7 phone numbers in my pocket. My confidence level grew so fast that the advanced techniques taught on day two didn’t seem that challenging any more. In fact, I enjoyed the second day even more.

Not only I scored many more phone numbers on that day but I also met with one of those girls later that night and we ended up having sex. That’s only 9 hours after I met her! Having said that, I think MOA’s Daygame boot camp is a great alternative to bars and clubs at nighttime and will broaden your horizons in terms of meeting women in a big way. I highly recommend it.


Dan Chigago

Basically before this experience I was an average Joe. School, sports, work, sleep and a repeat o this everyday. I was too chicken shit to ever even approach a girl, I would attempt to and I would freeze on the spot which was so bad. So years flew by and I never had any sexual interactions whatsoever with a girl...that is until I met Sami and enrolled in the moa bootcamp. The stuff I learned was life changing. I was approaching girls in different ways left and right (not to mention girls and their mothers on the day game part of the course). As for the night game I was able to hook up with a beautiful 29 year old chicks and I'm 18!! It was a crazy experience and let me tell you if it wasn't for this bootcamp I would be the same little nervous guy around girls for years to come but no, this experience made me a baller. I will forever be a Boss because of Sami.

A New York

The Ministry of Attraction Night Game seminar was top notch! I consider myself a scholar of indirect game (Mystery method, and Annihilation method) and I never invested the time into learning anything else. I'm glad that I did because this course taught me soo much. Not only did the course abolish my approach anxiety, it also improved my ability to stand my ground and be confident and comfortable talking to a girl; as an alpha male should. The techniques taught in the course are simple yet very effective, and the feedback from the instructors was very helpful, I was literally being guided to escalate on women while talking to them. The course was planned out beautifully, with just a minimal amount of time spent on theory and the bulk of the time spent out in the field doing various drills to boost confidence and competence. I would highly recommend taking this course whether you're a beginner or expert, you will not be disappointed.

P London


Even before the Bootcamp starts you’ll be speaking with your instructor,
he’ll call you and discuss your goals, your biggest challenges and what
drives you to take action.

Apply TODAY and speak with your instructor!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the bootcamp work?

You are taken out infield with our instructor team and are given clear cut instructions on what to do and how to do it. Your instructors are with you every step of the way and are even there to demonstrate for you when in doubt or wing you when needed.

Where does this take place?

We've taught bootcamps in most major cities around the world. When we come to your city trust that we know all the good spots to take you. From the best shopping streets or malls to the best bars and night clubs, we know where the best places for practise are.

What about if I'm completely new?

The bootcamp is taught to students at all levels. If you are completely new you will be given the attention and instructions that you need to advance to the next level. We make sure to lead you through the process step by step making sure you understand the reasoning behind each break through that you have.

What cities are covered?

During the world tour, most major cities are included. However, we have in the past received requests for bootcamps in smaller towns. If the student is unable to come to one of our major city bootcamps we further discuss the possibility of doing a bootcamp in their area.

I'm already quite advanced, is a bootcamp something for me?

No matter what level someone is at, there is always more to learn. Sami himself has said over and over again that he is still growing his game every day and that he thrives to reach a higher level week in and week out.

What's the relationship between theory and practice?

We generally keep theory to a minimum. That being said we spend the first half an hour and last half an hour of the day doing introductions, mental preparations and break downs. In between however, the entire bootcamp is taught infield.

I need a specific approach for my coaching, is there room for it?

Ministry of Attraction has been hailed as the one company that tailors each bootcamp to the students on board. There is no one size fits all bootcamp. Your experience will greatly vary from someone at a different level who has an alternative way of learning from you, even if you are both on the same bootcamp weekend.

I still have doubts, what can you recommend me?

We really are looking for the action takers. If you have doubts you are able to get in touch with us by requesting a call. We will then contact you and further discuss the details that need ironing out.

Seriously, click the button dude...


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